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Nomination Tips

David Allen not only knows how to pick a winner, he understands how to best promote their winning attributes.

Keep his tips below in mind when submitting your 30 Under 30 nomination.

David Allen served as Functional Excellence Lead in Shell’s Downstream Contracting and Procurement Operational Excellence group. In 2014, he nominated Katy Conrad for the inaugural 30 Under 30 program. Katy was not only selected; she was also named our Megawatt Winner in recognition of her passion and creativity, as well as the impact she is making in supply chain management.

Know someone like Katy? Then follow David’s suggestions when submitting your nomination:

For “Contributions and Achievements”:

  • Detailing cost savings and cost avoidances are important, but also consider the nominee’s impact on other company initiatives.
  • Cite examples how the nominee has demonstrated critical skills (collaboration, innovation, leadership, etc.) in achieving key objectives of the organization. Consider “out of the box” thinking.
  • Share how the nominee has progressed through his/her young career. Do their experiences show they are well rounded and balanced?
  • Note if the nominee has been recognized with any awards within the organization they work for.
  • Note if the nominee takes an active role in mentoring colleagues.

For “Characteristics”:

  • Describe personal qualities and characteristics which help to make the nominee successful.
  • Provide examples which demonstrate how they use these characteristics to advance their professional career or volunteer activities.

For “ISM Member”:

  • Note there is no requirement for the nominee to be an ISM member, but include this information if you are aware that they are a member.

For “Professional Organizations”:

  • If the nominee is an ISM member, include information regarding ISM Affiliate activities, Board positions, Group or Forum activities.
  • Describe any involvement in any other professional or volunteer organizations. Include information regarding Board positions or provide examples of how participation has advanced the career or development of the nominee.

For “Anything Else to Share”:

  • Detail any professional certifications or awards earned by the nominee.
  • Provide examples of continuing education work.
  • Mention any interesting hobbies.
  • You may include a recommendation or quote from someone else who manages the nominee, reports to the nominee or who works closely with the nominee.